Post Op Day 2 - Off the Vent!


I cried a lot of tears, today. That dang vent tube finally came out. I wish I could convey the fear that thing instilled in me—more than the surgery. I’ve known too many kiddos who have struggled with getting off the ventilator. One who was lost because she couldn’t. Every day longer on the vent comes with a price. While I suppose Lydie wasn’t on it for an extremely long time, the terror in my heart and the delays along the way made it feel like forever. And to watch the monitors knowing that my child was not breathing—she was dependent upon a machine to breathe FOR her; to force life into her...

I asked God for some miracles, today. When her sedation wore off enough for some sleepy smiles to sneak through, that was a gift. When it wore off a little more (gotta be awake to want to breathe, apparently) and those big blue eyes that I haven’t seen for days locked on me, it was a bigger gift. “Hi, Baby!! Mama’s here for you!” And when that dang scary but life-sustaining tube came out and her low-muscle-tone, swollen airway held and filled with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL hoarse little cry I have EVER heard... that was a miracle. I am still crying. Once again, every day, a thousand times a day, God is good. 🙏🏻 #misslydiefaith #openheartsurgery #heartwarrior #theluckyfew