The Lydia Necklace

The incredible company @wellscooperative honors a lot of amazing people and causes with their jewelry. In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day this month, they asked if they could name a piece after Lydia! 😭😭💙💛 We feel so honored and her necklace is perfect for her! We love this girl so much and are so proud of her. If you’re into pretty jewelry or inclusion or good causes, please consider getting yourself a Lydia necklace. And if someone asks you about it feel free to share that different is beautiful!!! May it always make you smile & remind you that good things can come from unexpected circumstances. ❤️
Here’s something I wrote in collaboration with Wells for the necklace release: After Lydia’s birth diagnosis, I was overwhelmed by fear—a desperate fear of two words, “Down Syndrome,” and all the stereotypes that came with them. I thought then that Down Syndrome meant “limits” and “loneliness” and “loss.” As I sat in the hospital holding my new baby, however, I began to know what WAS instead of just what I thought would be. And what was—the actual reality gazing out at me from deep blue innocent eyes—wasn’t scary at all. It was new and unexpected, but it was also deep and rich and enveloping. It was perspective. It was love. It was growth and opportunities I had never dreamed of. And ultimately, it was peace. This necklace reminds me of the hundreds of things I have felt and learned while staring into Lydia’s beautiful blue eyes. Life with my daughter has taught me to see and love more completely and authentically than I ever have before. It is truly beautiful and a gift.