Incredibly honored to have Lydia’s story shared by @thisiswhyweadvocate today. Please go check out their page and be inspired by the many AMAZING children!!! 💗💗💗
*** Here are some details of Lydie’s CHDs and heart surgeries. She was born with an ASD (hole between top two chambers), a PDA (passage that should have closed after birth but didn’t), a very large VSD (hole between two bottom chambers), and a bicuspid valve. Her first surgery was more complicated than they thought it would be, and essentially was a partial AV canal repair in which they patched the three holes. After going into complete heart block, her 2nd surgery to place her pacer was one week later. I am absolutely amazed by and incredibly grateful for the miracles of modern medicine!! #misslydiefaith#heartwarrior #chdawareness

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