The Beautiful Hard is Worth It

When Lydia was born, I was devastated by her Down syndrome diagnosis. I didn’t know then what I know now, and I didn’t know HER. She may be a little bit slower to reach some milestones, and she may even look or sound a little different, but did you know that people with Down syndrome can go to college? Own a business? Create beautiful art? Serve and contribute in their communities? I had no idea that real possibilities for success like this even existed! I am legitimately hopeful for her future and excited to see who she becomes! I really believe she can change the world. Lydie is a beautiful person. She pours out love and optimism, in spite of going through hard things. I learn from her and our journey and the people we meet because of it all the time. You cannot overestimate the joy she brings us; I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I think that’s why people use the hashtag #theluckyfew. But I want to be sensitive, here. Some of the loudest voices in the special needs community come from healthy families. And their messages are beautiful and correct and worth sharing! Shout them from the rooftops because the world just doesn’t see their worth!!! But Mama, if you find this road challenging, that’s ok, too. Life can be beautiful AND hard. It can be a struggle AND worth it. I might even go so far as to say some of the best things in life are that way. I love the rallying cries #cancersucks#heartwarrior, and #heartstrong. They acknowledge both the battle and the support. The worthiness. The strength. And trust me, my baby girl is STRONG and WORTH IT ALL. Every person is—don’t forget that. If your extra chromosome comes with a few extra challenges (and the fact is, people with Trisomy 21 are at higher risk for heart problems, cancer, and other health challenges), take heart. Life is still beautiful. You will probably come to see & savor its beauty in ways you never thought possible. You will be grateful for what you learn on this road. And please know this—whatever the challenges or however unique and alone you may feel sometimes—you are NOT alone. Everyone has their “thing.” You are loved. You are worth it. Fight on. ❤️ #misslydiefaith #theluckyfew