Well, it’s been a crazy week over here. We’ve been running around doing all the last minute pre-op stuff and dodging curve balls, besides.  

On Tuesday, I took Lydie in to her pediatric cardiologist for our last visit before surgery. I really appreciate her cardiologist; he always answers all my questions in a way that I can understand, and he respects my opinions. Having said that, cardiology days are always hard because they are so dang long. Appointments can take up to four hours and inevitably everybody is hungry and tired by the end of it! I was ready this time with two bottles in reserve and I did NOT forget the binkie for the echo (unlike last time). True to form, though, we only got just over one ounce of food in baby girl before we had to leave. It’s like she knows when the pressure is on and will not be rushed. Dah! So I pretended like that wasn’t frustrating or going to haunt us later in the day (it DID) as we tried to make quota, and headed out the door. 

The appointment itself went really well and miracle of miracles we didn’t have to do another echo!! First time, ever I believe! So we got to leave early—wahoo!! But before that we did an EKG. This test involves placing  13 sticky sensor pads on her chest and then hooking them up to wires which just measure how fast her heart beats and how well it conducts electrical energy. It doesn’t hurt at all and putting the stickers/wires on takes way longer than the actual test, which only lasts about 60 seconds. Here’s my girl all suited up:


After that the doctor reviewed the results, listened to her really well, and answered my questions about surgery. Day one of pre-op stuff in the books! Back at home we continued the feeding battle and it did not go well. Some days are like that, but this one was on track to set a record. We had gotten 7 ounces in her by the time it was time to start her last feeding. We’re supposed to be getting a minimum of 15. She’s supposed to be gaining weight and staying healthy for surgery. I was in despair. So we prayed really hard and got in 3 more ounces which landed us at 10 (my bottom level intake limit) for the day because God is good. 🙏🏻

Then Wednesday came. I woke up not feeling so hot. I’d had a sore throat for like 6 weeks that we couldn’t pin down or get rid of and the doctor at the instacare had prescribed sleep 😂😂😂 Right. But Wednesday morning that sore throat showed up with a vengeance and took me down. Back at the instacare they told me I was running a fever and tested me for strep and mono (second test for that). And I panicked. Because my baby is scheduled for open heart surgery in FIVE days, she cannot get sick, and Mom is sick & contagious. NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Dad to the rescue. Bless his heart. I called Dan and told him I needed him now and ps cancel all your plans and important work things because we are in EMERGENCY MODE. He did. He came and took over while I vacated the house and fled to my mom’s where for three horribly long and stressful days all I did was eat and sleep and panic over not being there for my daughter.

It.  was. agonizing. 

After a lot of prayer, a priesthood blessing, a lot of forced sleep and all the healthy food I could find... I was able to come home to my girl on Saturday feeling like a human again. 🙏🏻😭🙏🏻  

While I was out, Dan got NO sleep, went to zero days at work, and took Lydie to her pre-op hospital labs/x-ray/meet the surgeon meeting. 

Here’s a picture of our warrior after she had her blood drawn—which is no small task on such a small person with blood as thick as mud. 


It was rough for all involved. And for Mom who was purposefully uninvolved. 💔💔💔

So here we are. It’s Saturday night. I am home and although I feel good I’m keeping my distance & wearing a face mask. Dan is doing the Lydie stuff and I went grocery shopping. But we are all here, alive, healthy 🤞🏻, and together.

I don’t know, guys. Is this happening? Are we going to make it?!!! Please say yes, because I can’t go through this circus multiple times!