Lifestyle Newborn Session

Oh my heart. I won't tell you how old this baby is now, but even after taking so long to finally blog this session, the images make me swoon! There is nothing like photographing your family in your own home. This sweet miracle is welcomed by siblings and parents who adore her. From little brother's anxious waiting arms, to mama's soft, still comfort, she is so loved and taken care of. Thank you for letting me into your home sweet D family.


There really is the sweetest feeling that surrounds newborns. I was able to capture some images last fall for a couple of my favorite mamas. While lifestyle images will always be my favorite, who can resist a portrait of a perfect, tiny human?! First up we have Baby J. This handsome little man is a big boy with the cutest eyebrows I've ever seen! I didn't even know eyebrows could be cute! The images of him sleeping on his mama's shoulder…