Treasures in Heaven

"Mom, are they kicking us out of the church?" "Oh, no, Honey. We just moved, so we might have to go to another congregation." These are the conversations I have with my boys on a regular basis. My children are 6 and 4. The oldest has lived in four states; the youngest has lived in three. Not because we're vagrant nomads who can't keep a job, but because we are millennials trying to get a good job. It all amounts…

April in Review

Hello, Spring! It is so good to see you, again! Once April comes spring starts to really settle in, right? Our outside play increased dramatically, this month! First, there were trips to our favorite rock garden. The boys have been working hard on their "fort" there. They build "walls" with little pebbles strung out in lines, and I taught them how to find broken branches and use them as brooms. Although it's been rainy, cloudy, and somewhat cold, we've made some…

Sun-soaked Senior Session

Senior pictures should be fun, individual, and absolutely amazing--am I right?! I absolutely love working with seniors; we have so much fun! Seniors (and teens in general) are delightful, unique people, right on the brink of their biggest adventures, yet. Their energy is contagious! This session was incredible. Meet Sadie. Her session took place in gorgeous, sun-soaked Colorado. We laughed a ton and better still, we came away with some lovely images, showcasing this sweetheart's beautiful personality. Thank you, Sadie---you are gorgeous!!  

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Oh my heart. I won't tell you how old this baby is now, but even after taking so long to finally blog this session, the images make me swoon! There is nothing like photographing your family in your own home. This sweet miracle is welcomed by siblings and parents who adore her. From little brother's anxious waiting arms, to mama's soft, still comfort, she is so loved and taken care of. Thank you for letting me into your home sweet D family.

March Happenings

Ok, I know no one blogs anymore, but I'm going to try to revive this thing. Because sometimes I have more to say than fits in an Instagram post, you know? (Which, PS, my instagram gets updated all the time, so head on over there for the latest!) Anyway, March blew in, and with it the first inklings of spring fiiiiiinnnnalllly began to dawn in Minnesota--hooray! Dan's biggest project of his last semester is over, which means we get to…

Summer Highlights

Our summer adventures took us across the country for an internship. We got to live close to the grandparents for the first time and it was basically heaven. My boys loved playing with family, exploring new places, and especially being outside! Now we're back home, getting into our routines and looking back fondly thinking, "Oh, summer!"

Utah Mountain Family Session

Utah has so many incredible locations for family pictures! This was my first time shooting at the Provo Amphitheater, and I loved it! Foothills and a beautiful castle with great stonework... endless options! The B family was especially fun since they have four teens. Working with older kids was really fun, and they were troopers getting up for an earlier morning session! I love the images we were able to get!  

B Family

Oh man, am I behind on posting. We'll work on that! We took a 3 month internship in UT this summer where I've been able to catch up with several great families! First up we have a dear friend of mine from high school and her four cute munchkins. Enjoy!

Two Boys

My boys are close in age and share a special relationship. My husband and I often joke that they should have been twins but God knew I couldn't handle that, so He sent them as close as He could while still maintaining their mother's sanity. =) But really, the bond between these two is special. While each has his own distinct and very different personality (and hairstyle), they know nothing of life without each other, and are truly best friends.…

Waiting for Spring…

In honor of the snow that fell last night and wind chills that put us back in the 20s ::sigh:: I thought I would share a collection of "indoor" activities that I like to call, "How to survive a MN winter with two preschoolers and lots of time inside"--hah! I'll say this for winter: we get creative!