April in Review

May 1, 2017

Hello, Spring! It is so good to see you, again! Once April comes spring starts to really settle in, right? Our outside play increased dramatically, this month! First, there were trips to our favorite rock garden. The boys have been working hard on their “fort” there. They build “walls” with little pebbles strung out in lines, and I taught them how to find broken branches and use them as brooms.

Although it’s been rainy, cloudy, and somewhat cold, we’ve made some trips to the lake, as well. The lake = BOY HEAVEN. My boys can throw rocks and play with sticks and leaves all day, every day. I’m so glad we have places like this close by where they can go explore!

Of course, with the weather bouncing all around, there’s been plenty of time for inside play, as well. Every day is a new adventure. One of our favorite games right now is to pretend we are all on a ship. Our oldest is the captain. He designs the ship, making intricate constructions out of boxes, pillows, string, paper, painter’s tape, and whatever other supplies he can find! Once the ship is made, he plots a course on a map, and mans the vessel. He insists that some day we’re going to build a real ship and sail to an island as a family, where we will live after the manner of Swiss Family Robinson. The greatest honor he can bestow is asking his friends to be a part of his “crew.”

Other inside activities include preparing for our move which is coming up all too fast, and getting over some little spring colds.

Easter was somewhat interrupted this year by a brief round of sickness, but once we got over that, we got on with regular festivities, including eggs:

And, in the spirit of spring and moving, we decided to really get out and see some more of this cool city we live in before we have to leave it! Minneapolis is a fun mixture of urban and natural places. The city is large and busy, but there are lakes and fields all around. We’ve really enjoyed it here.

Finally, I’ll just close with a small little group of favorite images from the month. These were all taken one evening when we visited Minnehaha Park & Falls. The pictures don’t necessarily convey any big, important events, scenes, or moments, but they’re full of little things: connection, goofing around, and stillness. Things that I love and want to remember.



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