March Happenings

April 4, 2017

Ok, I know no one blogs anymore, but I’m going to try to revive this thing. Because sometimes I have more to say than fits in an Instagram post, you know? (Which, PS, my instagram gets updated all the time, so head on over there for the latest!)

Anyway, March blew in, and with it the first inklings of spring fiiiiiinnnnalllly began to dawn in Minnesota–hooray! Dan’s biggest project of his last semester is over, which means we get to see him a lot more, and that plus the warmer weather equals a much happier me! This month we went to several new parks, and even took a family trip to Chicago since Dan had a conference there, anyway. What a cool city! We had two days to see everything we could, and we ran around like crazy people but it was a blast and the boys were (mostly) troopers. 🙂

Here’s a quick selection of March favorites for you. Yay for sun!!








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