Two Boys

March 29, 2016

My boys are close in age and share a special relationship. My husband and I often joke that they should have been twins but God knew I couldn’t handle that, so He sent them as close as He could while still maintaining their mother’s sanity. =) But really, the bond between these two is special. While each has his own distinct and very different personality (and hairstyle), they know nothing of life without each other, and are truly best friends. They wrestle, play, fight, share a room, sometimes just share a space while each focuses on his own thing—but always the bond is there. They are brothers of the truest sort. I was recently touched and inspired by another photographer’s documentation of her young girls, and thought I would pay my unique tribute to my own Two Boys. This will be an ongoing project, but let’s kick it off.

2016-03-29_0001 2016-03-29_0002 2016-03-29_0003



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    1. Your photos of them are stunning and thought-provoking…beautiful work!

    1. Gorgeous. I LOVE the personality, love, and moments captured in your photos. You can almost feel the love and friendship between these two tender little brothers. Absolute treasures!

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