Capturing the Everyday

November 9, 2015


My kids are what got me started with photography, and they are by far my greatest inspirations. Capturing them in every stage and in moments both big and small has become my passion. While being a mom can be busy and crazy and some days I can hardly catch my breath, picking my camera up and using it to capture our daily lives has taught me to slow down and notice the beautiful moments of every day. I love to look back over our pictures and remember past places we’ve lived and past stages of life. Sometimes I wish these kiddos would just stop growing so I could hang on to them just as they are right NOW forever, but since time stops for no man, pictures and memories are definitely the next best thing. Because capturing my kids is such an integral part of my artistic voice, I couldn’t have my own website without featuring my work with them. Here are a few of my favorite lifestyle moments, with many more to come.

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