January 1, 2015

DSC_0167Welcome to Annie Mangelson Photography!

When I was in college I had a dorky list of “Things that Make Annie Happy” posted above my bed. Silly things like chapstick and mascara and chocolate on graham crackers. These little things (and some serious things, too) are what kept me going through the papers and finals and awkward dating experiences that make up college life. Paying attention to the little things has proven illuminating in my life and years beyond university classrooms, as well. I believe there are times in our lives when we see better than other times. During those times we notice and find joy and purpose in the mundane details. Or perhaps we take time to step back and gain a new or broader perspective. Always we look back on these moments of clarity for purpose and hope. I cherish the moments when I see clearly, and continually work at training my inner eye to notice the details that make life special.

It’s just these details of life, joy, love, and gratitude that I seek to soak into my soul and distill with my camera. I look for them in my own daily life, and I look for them in my photography sessions. These moments, smiles, and sparkles of daily magic are what make us human.  And there’s really nothing more beautiful or important to capture than that.

This website features photography from both my personal and client work. Maybe you’ve come to book a session, or maybe you’re just stopping by for some quiet inspiration. Whatever brings you here, I hope that you stay awhile, look around, and find a thing or two that makes you smile.


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